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Dear all,
the below is from Oliver Laasch, my fellow lecturere at SNU:

It has been a while since our joint CSR class. I hope, life treated you
well, wherever you are!

If you liked the class, I wanted to ask you for a favor: Talk about it! We
once again actualized and improved the class and would love to have as many
people as possible participating and getting involved with that important
topic. So maybe you could talk to people you know at SNU, make them
interested, coming to join our class- I am in Seoul from October and really would
love to see some of you faces again! Just drop in any time you want to!

Here follows a short class description:

The lecture is now in the fourth semester and we are building up an
international network surrounding the lecture topic of corporate social
responsibility and sustainable development- in short:
“How can companies save the world and earn money meanwhile”? It is
conducted and built up interdisciplinarily. Last semester students from majors as
different as engineering, business, economics, literature, education, law,
biology, design, international studies etc. visited the lecture. I think
due to the international-interdisciplinary approach this lecture might be
attractive for international students as well as Korean students. The workload
is reasonably small and the topic with the CO 2 crisis and other actual
worldwide challenges as actual as it possibly can be.

The lecture is called “corporate social responsibility for sustainable
” (course no 008.227) and is conducted by the Faculty of Liberal
Education. Leading leacturer is professor Han.

For any further questions, please drop me a line, sign in directly or if
time is too short, just appear in the first lecture.

Really hope to see you soon! Take care!

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