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Installation von Regine Choi

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New CSR-class at SNU!

Dear all,

the below is from Oliver Laasch, my fellow lecturere at SNU:

It has been a while since our joint CSR class. I hope, life treated you

well, wherever you are!

If you liked the class, I wanted to ask you for a favor: Talk about it! We

once again actualized and improved the class and would love to have as many

people as possible participating and getting involved with that important

topic. So maybe you could talk to people you know at SNU,… Continue

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Lecture at Kokusai high-school in Komaba

I had a fun lecture at Kokusai today, the students were very interested in the topics of environment and Germany. I really hope some of them will join this network!

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Environment Festival in Nagano

Last week-end, I attended an Environment Festival in Saku in Nagano Prefecture. The day before I had run a race there, and the festival was at the same venue.

It was quite interesting, especially with regard to environmental education.

I learned to sew my own bag for chopsticks,

I painted a medal which could be useful for any kind of event, like races, on beech wood.

And I rode a bicycle which had two dynamos attaced to generate… Continue

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CSR Seminar at SNU

AVAYA; Min Sung Kim/Daniel Valdez/Oscar Castillo/Ulises Flores/MiDya Kim/Jung Min Kim/Sunyoung Ahn

Starbucks: Suz ChaMaria Suh

KT: Hakwan Kim/Jung Min Kim

Cocacola: Jung Min Kim/Hakwan Kim

SK: MiDya Kim/Byoungjun Yoo

Valeo: Uriel Silva/Jesus Rosales/Oscar Camacho/Luis Gonzales/Mauro Andrade

Pending: Yuhan Kimberly/Bayer/Body Shop

Patagonia: Juergen… Continue

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SNU Spring Term!

21.3.: Newspaper Presentation; Talk about a current environment issue.
4.4.: Environment Arts
April/May: Contact 'my company'! Find a company with an interesting CSR concept and try to get in touch with them.
June: Term-end presentation: Video or ppt about an environmental topic of your own choice, group-work.

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A Day in Nanjing

During my X-mas vacation, I went to China and spend a day in Nanjing. I had been to places that bear a heavy burden of history before, like Hiroshima in Japan and Yad Washem in Israel, this one was equally terrible, and should never be forgotten.

Of course, it is not possible to take pictures of the bones that are still left in the place that was one of the slaughtering grounds of the Japanese invading forces and is now a cemetery, so I just took some…


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Keio SFC Klassenbuch

Download fuer Einfuehrung zum Thema Nachhaltige Entwicklung:

Download Nachhaltige Entwicklung.doc



Einfuehrung beendet. Hausaufgabe: Zeitungsartikel suchen und vortragen. Ueber moeglichen Dialog zum Thema Umwelt nachdenken!


Vortrag Cheungichon Seoul, Vortraege von StudentInnen.

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Wuppertal Institut

Wir nutzen die Ressourcen, als hätten wir vier Erden.

Doch wir haben nur einen Planeten, mit dem wir sorgsam umgehen müssen. Das heißt nachhaltig leben und wirtschaften. Das Arbeitsfeld des Wuppertal Instituts ist die anwendungsorientierte Nachhaltigkeitsforschung. Im Zentrum seiner Forschung stehen die zentralen Herausforderungen einer zukunftsfähigen Entwicklung wie der Klimawandel oder die zunehmende Ressourcenverknappung.…


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CSR for a Sustainable Development/Seoul National University 2007

1. Give a title to the installation on the picture!

2. Tell us your opinion!

Reader and Uploads:

Download SNU Teaching Concept.doc…


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