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Sustainable Development and CSR at Seoul National University
This seminar started in spring 2007, and since its objectives have been conducting research on companies CSR policies and their implementation. In the process of our research it became clear that we need contacts to companies and their CSR managers to gain more insight into our topic. Therefore, we have already contacted several companies, and this term we will have the first guest lecture by a CSR manager, coming from Starbucks' Seoul office. In the long-term, we would like to collect as much data as possible about CSR in Korea, and need more input from companies to achieve this.
How can you help us?
- Fill in our CSR survey.
- Give us an interview on your CSR policy.
- Give a guest lecture to present your companies' CSR.
- Support our activities by funding our publications and research.
What can we do for you?
- Mention your activities in our publications.
- Exhibit .a poster with your CSR on SNU campus.
- Fly your banner on our web-site

Our motto for the research is:
If we see good practice, publish it!
If we see room for improvement, tell it to the company.
So we will try to mention only examples of good practice in our publication and help the participating companies to improve if there is need for improvement.

Class info.
Professors: Mooyoung Han (SNU) Juergen Wittstock (Keio University/Japan)
17 students of diverse nationalities & majors
Sustainable Development & CSR

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