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Dear all,
after our discussion last time, I got the idea that we should have a survey about what kind of CSR companies actually do.
Obviously, the first question is:
- Do you have a CSR policy?
What more questions could you think of?

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What is your definition 'CSR'?
I think there are several views about CSR. Through this question, we can find out CEO's will or faith about CSR
Why did you introduce CSR in your company?
What is the main problem in maintaining your CSR policy?
How do you exercise CSR within your production?
Do your buyers or suppliers have a similar CSR policy?
How do you educate your employees about CSR?
How do you evaluate your own CSR?
Do you have any environmental or social certifications (ISO etc.)?
What is the cost of your CSR?
What are the benefits?
How do you manage (put in practice) ideas concerning CSR in your company?
Which department is in charge of your CSR? Do you have a CSR team?
Do you support external activities within your CSR concept? If so, what kind of activities?
Hello professor,
Stephanie here. ^_^ Hope you still remember me... I was one of the students from your first CSR class in SNU. I just happen to come across this question now. Seeing how busy I am in law school... :( I find your class really informative and it has given me an idea on where to focus in my studies. ^_^

I've thought about the questions regarding CSR and I believe that for one policy to really work out well...the ones implementing them should have faith in the feasibility and importance of the policy. Thus, I would like to suggest these questions:

Does CSR have an impact on your company? If yes, then how?

Do you think that CSR bears any significance on the company-employee level relationship and the producer-consumer level relationship? If yes, then how?

Do you think that CSR is essential in uplifting or preserving the 'good' image of your company?
Is CSR necessary in your eyes or do you do it more as a necessity of the times?
Also are you aware about what measures are possible as a part of CSR?
The question is: How do we value companies who use CSR as a marketing instrument? Is targeting to the so called "LOHAS - consumer" just one proper means of promoting your product? I believe it is actually a good thing that companies doing good things start making money with it, this is the only way we can promote environmentally friendly and fair trade. Companies have to be responsible, but they still have to make a profit - eventhough I disagree with Friedman that this is their only responsibility.




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